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Advertising Copy Chasing

Many print magazines will focus on commissioning and writing great editorial copy and images, but to support the cost of publishing advertising is also essential. Your adverts will be cleverly woven between your editorial pages and potentially as a separate classified or recruitment section at the back of the publication. 

Here at Raspberry Jam Creative we spend as much care and attention on designing and laying out your advertising copy as we do on the rest of the publication. Advertisers want a good return on their investment and readers want to see relevant products for sale so spending time getting the right combination is key.

Our team can chase advertisers for you to get the copy, all to a pre-planned schedule, which will leave you to concentrate on the tricky bit of selling your valuable advertising space. We will liaise with you before each print issue, establish which companies need to be chased and whether any advertising design services are required by your clients.
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